Styx and Stone!" Part 2 of 2. Script by David Michelinie. Art by Todd McFarlane. Cover by Todd McFarlane. The Amazing Spider-Man continues to comb the city for his dear wife Mary Jane! And word of the web-slinger's frantic search reaches Jonathan Caesar! As a result the demented businessman hires two creepy assassins to exterminate the wall-crawler! When Styx and Stone ambush the amazing one in Central Park, it looks indeed like Spidey's bones will be broken! But help from an unlikely redhead may save the day! First appearance of Styx and Stone. Cameo appearances by Glory Grant, J. Jonah Jameson, Joe Robertson, and Sergeant Tork. (Note: Styx and Stone return in Amazing Spider-Man 332.

AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 309 Nov 88 1st Appearance Styx & Stone

  • Some dents alng the top & a few very fine creases along the spine.

    Overall a clean tight bright and glossy copy. Inside pages creamy white. The Scan is of the comic and not a stock photo