"Iron Man: D.O.A." Script by Steve Englehart. Pencils by Tom Sutton. Inks by Mike Ploog. Cover by Gil Kane and Joe Sinnott. Cover vignettes by John Romita, Sr. and Mike Esposito. The Avengers series take a one-issue hiatus from current events to reprint Amazing Adventures (2nd series) issue 12 (with pages two and three omitted). The freshly mutated Beast makes a latex mask for himself, so he can continue working at the Brand Corporation as Hank McCoy. But when Tony Stark and Marianne Rodgers visit his laboratory, Hank's plan starts to unravel...and sets the stage for a savage battle between the golden avenger and the Beast! (Notes: The cover of Avengers 136 was updated to show the "blue" Beast. In the actual story, the Beast is colored gray.

Avengers 136 Iron Man DOA

  • Bright, clean & glossy with some yellowing of inside pages.  There is a fold/crease running down the edge of the back LH side for about 1/4 of the comic. This affects approx 1/2 the pages which have folds at the top RH corner.