Ultron Unlimited: Part 1 of 4. "This Evil Renewed!" Guest-starring Black Panther. Story by Kurt Busiek. Art by George Perez and Al Vey. Something is amiss at a Wakandan plant where Quinjets are manufactured for the Avengers. When the Black Panther investigates, to his horror, he discovers that one of the Avenger's deadliest villains has returned to plague mankind.

AVENGERS 19 Vol 3 Marvel Aug 99 N/M Guest Stars Black Panther

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  • Near Mint Condition. A clean, tight, bright & glossy copy in great condition. The scan is of the comic for sale not a stock image.NEW OLD STOCK. It has NEVER BEEN READ. It is the Direct Sales Edition, express shipped to "OUR COMIC SHOP" in Oz on publication. Stored in "LONG" comic boxes until now