Guest-starring Puma. Script by Danny Fingeroth. Art by Rich Buckler (breakdowns) and Tom Palmer (finishes). Cover by John Buscema and Tom Palmer. In their civilian identities, Steve Rogers, Sigurd Jarlson, and Gilgamesh tour historic Ellis Island. The three avengers' visit to the island is proceeding normally until it's interrupted by Thomas Fireheart! Wow, where did Puma come from? And who is he chasing through the Great Hall? Apparently one of the maintenance workers is a former member of Puma's tribe! And he has the awesome ability to open portals to other dimensions! After Puma attacks him, the frightened Charles accidentally opens a portal to the Crossroads! And the cosmic-radiated U-Foes bust through! All of sudden the battle lines are drawn: Ironclad , Vapor, Vector, and X-Ray vs. Captain America, Gilgamesh, Thor, and Puma! Can the Avengers round up the U-Foes?

AVENGERS 304 Marvel Vol 1 Jun 89 N/M- Guest Stars Puma

  • There are some minor dents and creases front and back covers and there is small stress mark on the spine. Overall a clean, tight, light and bright & glossy copy.