Intersecting Parallels" Part 3 of 4. Guest-starring Thena and Sprite. Script by Bob Harras. Pencils by Steve Epting. Inks by Tom Palmer. Cover by Steve Epting and Tom Palmer. In the nick of time, the Eternals arrive to pull the defeated Avengers out of the Hudson River! And after licking their wounds, Earth's Mightiest Heroes trudge back to their wrecked mansion to put together a plan to stop Proctor! In the meantime, Sersi remains unaccounted for and still virtually invincible! But surprisingly the enigmatic Proctor captures the enchanting Eternal and sets into motion his plan to destroy the prime reality! While across town at Avengers Mansion, Dane Whitman finally discovers who is Proctor's "template" in Earth's timeline! And a truly shocking discovery it is! Origin of Proctor. Cameo appearance by Jocasta.

AVENGERS 374 Marvel Vol 1 May 94 Incl Masterprints Insert

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    Direct Market Edition 
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