"Island of Spirits" Taking A.I.M. Part 2 of 4. Plot by Bob Harras and Terry Kavanagh. Script by Bob Harras. Art by Mike Deodato (breakdowns) and Tom Palmer (finishes). Cover by Mike Deodato. Story continues from Captain America 440 (part 1). The Avengers land on Boca Caliente and quickly jump into battle against heavily-armed A.I.M. agents! After disposing of the scientific terrorists, Natasha warns her teammates to remain on guard! The island is teeming with reality-altering radiation from the cosmic cube! And any lapse in concentration could lead to hallucinations about what is real and what is imaginary! 

AVENGERS 387 Marvel Vol 1 Jun 95 Taking AIM part 2 of 4

  • A clean, tight, bright and glossy copy. New Old Stock, Never Read. Purchased from distributor on publication,  boxed and warehoused until now. There is a bend/crease running down side of comic from the top to just past the 1st staple.
    Direct Market Edition 
    The scan is of the comic for sale not a stock image.