Cover pencils by Ron Wilson, inks by Dan Green. "Am I Still Captain America?", script by Roger McKenzie, pencils by Sal Buscema (breakdowns), Mike Esposito (finished art), John Tartaglione (as Tartag, finished art), inks by Mike Esposito and John Tartaglione (as Tartag); Desperate to prove he's more than what the Super Soldier serum made him, Captain America faces off against Impact 739, a SHIELD training robot; Before Fury can pull the plug, an agent is suddenly transformed into Red Skull and blasts the controls, deactivating the robot's security protocols; In his weakened form, Cap barely manages to keep ahead of Impact 739; Fury tries to save Cap, but the robot destroys the room's controls from within; Red Skull's satellite continues to fire its ray, quickly turning all the SHIELD agents onboard the Helicarrier into Red Skulls. 

Captain America 226 Nick Fury Red Skull

  • There is yellowing of interior pages & some dents and creases to front and back covers.There is a dent/crease through all thicknesses on the bottom Rh corner. Otherwise a light, bright,clean & glossy copy. The scan is of the comic for sale not a stock image