Cover pencils by Rich Buckler, inks by John Romita Sr. Life Be Not Proud!, script by Steve Gerber, pencils by Don Heck, inks by Sal Trapani; Kerwin J. Broderick gloats of his part in sending a whole batch of new villains into DD's life and his plans to become King of San Francisco right before he shoots Moondragon and DD with a ray gun; With an impenetrable force field around the city, Broderick activates his agents to cause mayhem; DD takes Moondragon into a healing chamber but cannot see the colors he needs to work the controls; Moondragon restores his sight and DD heals her; As DD, Moondragon and the Widow battle the Dark Messiah, Ramrod and Angar, Daredevil discovers that his new found sight messes up his fighting abilities; He has Moondragon make him blind again, just as Broderick arrives with the monstrous Terrex; Thanos War tie-in

DAREDEVIL 106 Dec 73 Moondragon App verses Terrex

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  • Back cover has one small soiled area . Front cover has something stuck on lower part (see scan).

    Folds on both top & bottom cormers and a dent top back RH corner.

    Overall tight bright & glossy.