Cover pencils by Frank Miller, inks by Klaus Janson. Turk becomes the new Stilt Man in Stilts, script by Frank Miller, pencils by Frank Miller (layouts) and Klaus Janson (finished art), inks by Klaus Janson; Matt begins gathering criminal evidence to sink Glenn industries; Turk steals the Stilt Man armor and tries to prove himself to the Kingpin (and fails miserably); DD's hyper senses start going wild; Matt pressures Heather into accepting his proposal of marriage; Gladiator appearance.

DAREDEVIL 186 Sept 82 Turk becomes the new Stilt Man

  • A knick and some light folds back cover. Pen price cross-out. Otherwise a light, bright, clean & glossy copy.

    The Scan is of the comic and not a stock photo.





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