Cover pencils by Frank Miller, inks by Klaus Janson. Overkill, script by Frank Miller, pencils by Frank Miller (layouts) and Klaus Janson (finished art), inks by Klaus Janson; DD's hyper senses continue to get worse and he seeks out Stick for help; in a fight with the Hand, the Black Widow is poisoned; appearances by the Black Widow (in a new costume), Nick Fury, and ninja assassins.

DAREDEVIL 187 Oct 82 New Black Widow Verses the Hand

  • Description of copy in image.

    A tight glossy copy. Red ink mark lower RH side on front cover, see scan. Scan is of comic for sale not a stock image. Dent/Fold across bottom RH corner. Slight wrinkle along bottom edge.

    News Stand has price cross-outs & repricing & some small marks on white areas.

    Oter Direct Market copies have some stains on cover.