"Nightmare in the Snow!" Part 1 of 2. Script by Gerry Conway. Pencils by Ross Andru. Inks by Joe Sinnott.. Cover by Gil Kane and Frank Giacoia. The Human Torch and Medusa are stranded in the Himalayas! How did they get there? It doesn't matter now as the duo must battle freezing temperatures, harsh winds, high altitude, and the rough terrain to stay alive! 

FANTASTIC FOUR 145 Apr 74 Marvel Verses Ternak & Abominable Snowman

  • Both front & back covers have lost some of their origianl gloss and there are stress marks along the spine that show colour breaks. There are folds across top & botttom RH corners and a small tear at the top of the spine on the LH side and a tear on the bottom of the cover about halfi way along.

    The inside pages appear clean but yellowed