"Finale!" Part 4 of 4. Script by Roy Thomas. Art by Rich Buckler (breakdowns) and Joe Sinnott (finishes). Cover by Rich Buckler and Joe Sinnott. It's the dramatic conclusion to the Fantastic Four's cross-dimensional saga! Ben Grimm battles Gaard one-on-one to destroy the universal nexus in hyperspace that could funnel energy to Arkon's world! While at the same time, the Human Torch and Alternate Earth Reed Richards slug it out on Polemachus with Arkon himself!

FANTASTIC FOUR 163 Oct 75 Marvel Vol 1 Arkon Appearance

  • A clean, tight, bright and glossy copy. Has been stored in an acid free bag. Inside pages cream to off white with very light foxing. Scan is of the copy for sale not a stock image. There is a fold across the top RH corner & a smaller fold on the bottom RH corner(see scan).