Guest-starring the Black Panther. Script and Art by John Byrne. Cover by John Byrne and Terry Austin. SHIELD asks the FF to travel to Africa and explore an unexplained power source near the Wakandan border. When the fabulous foursome and T'Challa reach the spot, they find a majestic black tower...and ancient Rome! Have the Fantastic Four gone back in time, or has the Roman Empire come to the 20th century? Cameo appearances by Nick Fury and Dum Dum Dugan.

FANTASTIC FOUR 241 Apr 82 John Byrne Black Panther Appearance

  • NEW OLD STOCK. It has NEVER BEEN READ. Pages a little yellowed, some light dents front & back covers & some foxing on the white areas of the back cover, otherwise a bright, tight, clean and glossy copy. The scan is of the item for sale not a stock image