World of Mutants: Part 1 of 3 - "…And Rancor is Her Name-O!" Written by Jim Valentino. Art by Jim Valentino and Steve Montano. Cover by Jim Valentino and Rob Liefeld. The Guardians at last find the long lost colony of free Earthmen (the quest that formed the Guardians of the Galaxy in the first place way back in Marvel Super Heroes (1966-1982 1st Series) #18. But what they find is the deadly adversary known as Rancor, a mutant whose origin will shock and surprise many readers. 32 pages, FC. NOTE: 1st full appearance of Rancor. 1st appearance of Replica

GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY 9 Marvel Vol 1 Feb 91 1st Full App Rancor Rob Liefeld

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