Cover pencils by Marie Severin and John Romita (Mandarin figure), inks by Frank Giacoia and John Romita (Mandarin figure). Ten Rings Hath...the Mandarin!, script by Gary Friedrich, art by Herb Trimpe; Just as Yuri and his men are about to decimate the Hulk, Nick Fury shows up to take his Russian foe down; The Mandarin zaps the Hulk to his compound and puts him through his paces to see if the jade giant would make a worthy ally in his bid to take over the world.

Incredible Hulk 107 Verses the Mandarin

  • Back and Front covers have lost some of their gloss and the inside pages are yellowed. Otherwise inside pages are clean, there are stress marks on the spine and there has been a fold across the top right hand corner. There is a 1.5 cm gouge out of the back page & last page. The comic has been well read.