Cover pencils by Herb Trimpe, inks by John Severin. Umbu, the Unliving!, script by Stan Lee, pencils by Herb Trimpe, inks by John Severin; Ka-Zar and the Hulk battle as the jungle lord tries to figure out a way to get him to turn back into Bruce Banner in time to stop an alien machine from destroying the earth using deadly weather patterns; Ka-Zar is captured and taken by the Swamp Men to be a human sacrifice for the giant creature known as Umbu; Hulk fights Umbu but transforms back into Banner thanks to a fortuitous gas attack; Banner races to stop the mysterious earth destroying machine with Umbu close on his tail and trying to stop him; Banner succeeds but is killed in achieving his victory. 

Incredible Hulk 110 Ka-Za Appearance

  • Back and Front covers have lost some of their gloss and the inside pages are yellowed. Otherwise inside pages are clean, there are a couple of stress marks on the spine and there has been a fold on the bottom right hand edge. there are chips missing from the inside page corners. The scan is of the item for sale not a stock image.