Cover pencils by Herb Trimpe, inks by John Severin. The World, My Jury!, script by Roy Thomas and Gary Friedrich, pencils by Dick Ayers (pages 1-17) and Herb Trimpe (pages 18-21 and Avengers and Iron-Man figures on pages 15-16), inks by John Severin; On a runway at JFK airport, Mr. Fantastic brings the Hulk down with his newly devised Nega-Gamma Gun; The Hulk is placed in heavy restraints and is put on trial for his crimes; After testimony in the case, both pro and con, Matt pulls a stunt out of his lawyer's bag of tricks and quickly proves that the Hulk is too mentally incompetent to stand trial; As the judge tries to figure out how to proceed, Reed shows up with his special gun and claims it will change the Hulk into Bruce Banner for good; Instead, it provides the Hulk with the strength to break free and escape.

Incredible Hulk 153 Hulk on trial Daredevil Fantastic Four Avengers

  • All copies look to have water damage as cover and pages are stiff with wrinkled areas. Generally clean throughout.