"Façades!" Part 1 of 3. Plot by David Michelinie and Bob Layton. Script by David Michelinie. Art by Bob Layton. Cover by Bob Layton. Stark International tests its new sonic borer on a deep sea platform in the Atlantic Ocean! However during the trial run something goes terribly wrong! And Iron Man rushes to the scene to rescue the workers and salvage what's left of the equipment!

IRON MAN 137 Aug 80 Spymaster Appearance

  • A clean, bright & glossy copy. Interior pages are a little yellow with some colour rubbing. Some light foxing on the white areas of the back page. The scan is of the comic for sale not a stock image.

    The News Stand Edition has a tear bottom of bacl page & some stress marks on the spine, dents & creases to back & front covers.