1st appearance (hand & voice only) of Obadiah Stane (the Iron Monger & villain of the Iron Man movie) - "Knight's Errand!" Story by Denny O'Neil. Art by Luke McDonnell and Steve Mitchell. Cover by Jim Starlin. The problems continue at the SI Long Island complex as more property is damaged and another employee is hurt. Tony Stark and Jim Rhodes follow a lead to New Mexico and encounter the Knight! Meanwhile, a new evil mastermind is maneuvering the chess pieces behind the scenes.

IRON MAN 163 Oct 82 1st Appearance (hand & voice only) of Obadiah Stane

  • A clean, tight, bright and glossy copy. There are some very light dents to covers & a fold to top RH corner. cover. The scan is of the comic for sale not a stock image. Pages are yellowed.