First full appearance of Obadiah Stane (aka the Iron Monger and the villain in the first MCU Iron Man movie in 2008). "One of Those Days..." Script by Denny O'Neil. Pencils by Luke McDonnell. Inks by Steve Mitchell. Cover by Luke McDonnell and Steve Mitchell. Tony Stark returns to the states and finds the Melter waiting for him in his office! But as expected Shell-Headmakes short work on the Melter! And now the Stark International CEO is ready for some long overdue rest! However Vic Martinelli calls and gives Tony the name and location of the mysterious mastermind trying to destroy his life! The golden avenger rushes to Salt Lake City to confront the man called Obadiah Stane! And it's a dangerous confrontation that Iron Man won't soon forget! Cameo appearances by Jim Rhodes, Vic Martinelli, Mrs.Arbogast, and Indries Moomji.

IRON MAN 166 Jan 83 Marvel 1st Full Appearance of Obadiah Stane

  • nterior pages are a little yellowed. The scan is of the issue for sale not a stock image. Overall clean, tight, bright & glossy.