Untitled Story. Script by Denny O'Neil. Pencils by Rich Buckler. Inks by Ian Akin and Brian Garvey. Cover by Rich Buckler. It's an unusual tale as Tony Stark must battle two iron men to save his friends at Circuits Maximus! After Godzilla retrieves the gray armor from the bottom of the Pacific Ocean, he brings it to Dr. Demonicus! And the demented doctor immediately dons it and heads inland to kill Iron Man

IRON MAN 196 Jul 85 Tony Star & 2 Iron Men

  • A clean, bright & glossy copy. Interior pages are slighty yellow. A few light chips along the edges. Purchased & airfreighted from a U.S wholesaler, comic has been in storage for over 30 years. The scan is of the comic for sale not a stock image