"Bring me Spider-Woman!" Guest-starring Spider-Woman (Julia Carpenter). Hawkeye cameo. Art by Tom Morgan. After the events of Avengers West Coast Annual #1, Spider-Woman is on the run and the government wants Iron Man to bring her in. However, Spider-Woman helped the Avengers when they needed it and Shell-Head plans to do the same for her. To bad the Seekers don't feel the same. Can Iron Man and Spider-Woman hope to defeat the electro-gauntlets of Grasp, the energy of Power-Shackle, and the sound-blaster of Sonic?

Iron Man 214 App Spider-Woman in New Black Costume

  • A clean, bright, tight & glossy copy. A few minor dents & creases to front & back covers. Has been in storage for 30 years. The scan is of the comic for sale not a stock image