Acts of Vengeance crossover. Special Giant-Sized 250th Anniversary Issue. "Recurring Knightmare!" Part 2 of 2. Story by David Michelinie and Bob Layton. Art by Bob Layton. The first time they were transported to the distant past to legendary Camelot (see Iron Man #149-150). This time Iron Man and Doctor Doom have been summoned 100 years into the future to face a threat that may destroy the utopia of New Camelot. But, can even the combined might of Iron Man and Doctor Doom stand against their future 

Iron Man 250 Dr Doom Cover Story Giant Issue

  • A clean, bright & glossy copy. Interior pages are a little yellow. There is a dent on the front cover near the spine and a small stress mark in the same area. The scan is of the issue for sale not a stock image. Purchased & airfreighted from a U.S wholesaler, comic has been in storage for over 20 years