Gil Kane cover. Doctor Spectrum. "Enter: Dr. Spectrum" Part 1 of 4. Story by Mike Friedrich. Art by George Tuska and Mike Esposito. Cover by Gil Kane and Mike Esposito. Tony Stark returns to Detroit to oversee the reconstruction of the space shuttle, when Dr. Spectrum attacks with his power prism! Can Iron Man defeat the prism-wielding villain? And who is the mysterious Dr. Obatu? (Note: This is the Dr. Spectrum from the Squadron Sinister -- last seen in Avengers 70

Iron Man 63 Oct 73 Enter Doctor Spectrum

  • nterior pages are a little yellowed. There are some dents and light creasing front and back covers. There is a fold across the bottom corner plus a nick on the edge just above the fold. Looks like a sticker has been removed from the front cover. The scan is of the issue for sale not a stock image. Overall clean, bright & glossy