It's Avenger vs. Avenger in "Night of the Thunder God!" Guest-starring Thor and Doctor Spectrum. Story by Mike Friedrich. Art by George Tuska and Mike Esposito. Iron Man's body is under the thrall of the Skrull outcast Krimonn. The villainous alien is using Shell-Head's own power to wreak havoc on the innocent citizens of Detroit. That is until the Mighty Thor arrives on the scene. Can Tony get back control of his body before his teammate batters it senseless?

Iron Man 66 Feb 74 Iron Man verses Thor

  • Interior pages are a little yellowed. There are some dents,  & a bit of a bend to the lower section and light creasing front and back covers. There is a small area of blue ink on the back cover near the spine. The scan is of the issue for sale not a stock image. Overall clean, bright & glossy.