Iron Man's origin retold in this issue. "Night of the Rising Sun!" Guest-starring Sunfire. First 25¢ cover price issue. Story by Mike Friedrich. Art by George Tuska and Mike Esposito. Cover by Jim Starlin. Tony Stark follows Roxanne Gilbert to Vietnam in an attempt to find Eddie March's brother, who is listed as MIA after the war. But instead Iron Man finds Sunfire, the Mandarin, and the Unicorn! First, Sunfire attacks Iron Man, and then the Mandarin abducts Sunfire! What is going on? The story features a 1-page retelling of Iron Man's origin.

Iron Man 68 June 74 Guest Stars Sunfire

  •  Interior pages are a little yellowed. There are some dents and light creasing front and back covers. Slight folds & rounding on corners. There is a 30c stamp on back cover. The scan is of the issue for sale not a stock image. Overall clean, bright & glossy.