Infinity Gauntlet Crossover. "Genesis!" Part 1. Guest-starring Adam Warlock and the Heroes of Earth. Story by Ron Marz. Art by Ron Lim and Tom Christopher. Story continued from Infinity Gauntlet #3. The worse has come to past. Even with a force including Thor, Hulk, Doctor Strange, and Captain America, the heroes of Earth were no match for Thanos and the power of the Infinity Gauntlet. The Silver Surfer arrives in time to watch Adam Warlock perish and to become a slave as Thanos becomes the ultimate ruler of the universe.

SILVER SURFER 55 Marvel Vol 3 Sept 91 Infinity Gauntlet X-Over Thanos

  • Great condition for a publication " OF 20+ YEARS AGO'. Some very small dents and creases. Pages a creamy white a light, bright, clean and glossy copy.