Infinity Gauntlet Crossover. "Exodus!" Part 2. Guest-starring Adam Warlock. Story by Ron Marz. Art by Ron Lim, Gavin Curtis, and Tom Christopher. Story continued from last issue. In the horrible aftermath of last issue's events Thanos is the supreme ruler of the universe and that means Death rules supreme. Through the power of the Infinity Gauntlet, the Silver Surfer has been enslaved and forced to bare witness to the Mad Titan's rule. Story continues in Infinity Gauntlet #4

Silver Surfer 56 Infinity Gauntlet X-Over

  • NEW OLD STOCK. It has NEVER BEEN READ. It is the Direct Sales Edition, express shipped to our Comic shop in Oz on publication. Stored in "LONG" comic boxes for extra protection. Great condition for a publication " OF 20+ YEARS AGO'. Some light chips along the edges & some very small dents and creases. Couple of red marks in yellow section of logo. Pages a creamy white; a light, bright, clean and glossy copy. The scan is of the actual copy not a stock image.