The Herald Ordeal. Part 1 of 6. "Initiation!" Story by Ron Marz. Art by M.C. Wyman and Tom Christopher. Cover by Ron Lim. At long last, Nova has defied her master. Like others before her, Nova turns on Galactus and the Devourer of Worlds is not pleased about it. So, he does what he has done before, and seeks out a new Herald. Introducing Morg the Executioner.

Silver Surfer 70 Galactus 1st App Morg becomes New Herald

  • NEW OLD STOCK. It has NEVER BEEN READ. It is the Direct Sales Edition, express shipped to our Comic shop in Oz on publication. Stored in "LONG" comic boxes for extra protection. Great condition for a publication " OF 20+ YEARS AGO'. Some very small dents and creases front and back covers. Pages a creamy white; a light, bright, clean and glossy copy. The scan is of the actual copy not a stock image.