Blood and Thunder. Part 2 of 13. "Friends and Foes!" Guest-starring Thor and Beta Ray Bill. Adam Warlock cameo. Story by Ron Marz. Art by Andy Smith and Bill Anderson. Cover by Ron Lim and Keith Aiken. Story continued from Thor 468. Seduced by the whispers of the Dark Valkyrie, the Mighty Thor has gone mad. He has beaten his oath-brother Beta Ray Bill almost to death, and now he must face the Silver Surfer and the Power Cosmic. 

SILVER SURFER 86 Marvel Vol 3 Nov 93 Blood & Thunder Part 2

  • NEW OLD STOCK. It has NEVER BEEN READ. It is the Direct Sales Edition, express shipped to our Comic shop in Oz on publication. Stored in "LONG" comic boxes for extra protection. Great condition for a publication " OF 20+ YEARS AGO'. Some very small dents and creases. Pages a creamy white a light, bright, clean and glossy copy.